Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assemble the Minions Birthday Cake

Time for a little cake decorating fun.
This is probably my favorite cakes that I have decorated thus far. This was for my four year old's birthday. His favorite movie right now is Despicable Me. I think the first month that he had the movie we watched it nearly everyday. We were originally planning on doing a monster cake but as we were watching the Minions on the movie I got a brilliant idea for his cake. I think it turned out really cute. It was a little challenging and different from anything that I had ever done before.

What's needed to make the cake:
2 strawberries cake mixes (make as directed)
1 french vanilla cake mix (make as directed)
2 boxes of white rolled fondant 1 pound each
2 cans of store bought vanilla frosting (or homemade if you have time)
yellow, black, and blue food coloring
powdered sugar for rolling out the fondant
9X13 inch baking pan
6 inch round baking pan
6 inch sports ball pan (will only use half)
cupcake pan for extra batter (will only use one cupcake for the large minion's feet)
Strawberry glaze filling (recipe below)

Lets get started. For the big minion in the middle I used a ball cake pan and the small round cake pan. The top of his head is half of the ball and then I used two round cakes.You will also need one cupcake for the feet, so just fill a cupcake pan with any extra cake batter you might have left. I made a strawberry filling and put that between the three layers.

~Strawberry Glaze Filling~
1 cup of crushed strawberries
1 cup of water
3/4 cup of sugar
3 tablespoons of cornstarch
red food coloring

Directions: Crush one cup of strawberries (blender works really well) and boil in medium sauce pan with one cup of water for two minutes. Combine sugar and cornstarch, stir into berry juice. Cook until think and bubbly. Add coloring. Remove from heat and let cool.
Crumb frost the cakes and put them in the freezer. I have found that frozen cake is easier to frost. Once frozen I put another layer of frosting on and froze again. Then I added the fondant. The fondant work was fun but work for sure. You will need lots of time for kneading in the coloring, especially to make black fondant.
The smaller minions were make out of French Vanilla cake with the same strawberry filling. I started with a 9X13 cake and cut 6 small circles out of it and stacked them three high for each minion. I had to cut the top layer a bit to shape it. Once shaped I popped them into the freezer and decorated just like the big one. I made each minion a bit different. I love the little expressions on the minions. I feel like I was really able to bring the movie to life a bit. I can only imagine what the kids will come up with for their next cakes.
Almost too cute to cut into. Don't you think?


  1. This is AWESOME! You did a great job! How funny, when you said your son asked for a strawberry cake, I laughed! My son is turning 9 and he decided he wants Strawberry Cake! Wow! I'm going to do this! Hopefully it turns out like yours! Thank you for the detailed instructions.

  2. That is exciting. Let me know how it turns out.

  3. Amazing! My 6-year old son LOVES this movie, too, and we had a friend make a minion cake for his b-day, but ours was just one minion. Kudos to you for this three minion cake & sharing how you made it!


  4. Hey Becca!
    Just stumbled across your blog - LOVE the minion cake and had a friend ask to make one for a graduation party. I've been doing some cakes myself that are usually carved (couple of owls, a shark , Ghost Buster proton pack, etc.) and my biggest disappointment is that they always seem to go lumpy on me. Even if I freeze them to ice, they tend to sweat as they come back up to room temp. and even worse, settle, bending the fondant. :( Thoughts? Do you fully freeze them or just cool them down? Looking forward to trying your cake and keep up the good work!

  5. Kat
    Thanks for you comment. The minion cake was so much fun to make and my little one loved it. In answer to your question I usually will bake the cakes the night before I need them and freeze them over night. As I am decorating, if I notice melting or sweating, I will put back in the freezer for a few minutes. I try and keep things as cold as possible. Good luck and let me know how your cake turns out.